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Flood Light-Style#SPL-043
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Perimeter light-Style#SPL-004

Perimeter lights (also called insert edge light) are one of the most important safety features on your helipad. They are used to mark and illuminate the FATO and TLOF and they help the pilot locate the pad to safety land during night operations and bad weather conditions.



Product Description

Key Feature

◎ Lamps and lanterns USES the double sealing ring structure, input by

watertight plug connection between conductor and the inner cover, good


◎ Lamps lanterns can withstand the vertical static load 31.7 kg/m2。 

◎ Lamps is overall to withstand 1380 kpa instantaneous hydraulic impact of

watertight test without leakage.

◎ Lamps to withstand 40 j ball of energy, top of the center for many times, the optical system of lamps and lanterns and parts

won’t produce damage and displacement.

◎ After 1361 kg of horizontal shear test of lamps,don’t appear structure damage, displacement or loose parts.

◎ The lamp cover adopts PC material of excellent impact resistance (IZOD notch impact strength: 90), thermal stability (service

temperature can be 130℃), great transparency (available with a light transmission of up to 90%), auto-UV resistance, aging resistance and flammability rating in UL94V0.

◎ House of the light is made of aluminum liquid casting and oxidation treatment.

◎ Light source adopts the international advanced LED featuring low power consumption, high efficiency and light source lifespan reaching 100,000 hr..

◎ The light with surge protection device (In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA) can be used in the harsh environment.



a) Please read carefully the product specification before using the driver to make sure the operation environment can meet the requirement as per the specification.

b) While connecting the tube to the power, please make sure the switch is “off”.

c) Do not disassemble the lamp by yourself.



a) keep every screw in tight

b) keep the light OFF when not using.