Low Intensity Type B Aviation Obstruction Light SPL-202D/B
Low-intensity Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light Style# SPL-202D/BY
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Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light SPL-202Z-A

SPL-202Z/A  Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstrunction Light is a white flashing obstruction light. For high rise buildings or structures with height between 105 to 150 meters or the area where the background luminance is comparative strong, this Gold Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light could be used solely or together with medium intensity type B aviation obstruction light to play an aviation warning role there. Also, it could be used together with high intensity aviation obstruction light on buildings or structures whose height is higher than 150 meters.

Product Description


Key Features:

  1. Lamp shade of the light adopts PC which is quite high impact resistance (IZ0D gap impact resistance rate:90), hot resistance( can bare high temperature up to 130℃), high efficiency light transmission up to 90%, anti-UV, aging resistance, ignitability rate UL-94V0.
  2. House of the light is made of aluminum alloy and painted by spraying plastics finish. It is light, good ability heat release, waterproof, impact resistance, corrosion resistance etc..
  3. Light source adopts high quality xenon tube which is high brightness with light efficiency 100LM/W, low power consumption, long lifespan up to flash 100,000,000 times.
  4. The circuit of the light has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA so that the light is suitable to harsh environment.

Model introduction:
SPL-202Z/A: single light, with photocell, able to work individually, no synchronal flash function

SPL-202Z/AZ: main light, with photocell, able to control multi subsidiary lights for synchronal flash

SPL-202Z/AF: subsidiary light, without photocell, required to work together with main light or controller

Main Tech Parameter:

Item Parameter
Model SPL-202Z/A
FAA type L-865/866
Operating voltage 220VAC/48VDC
Power consumption ≤40W
Flashing frequency 20-60times/min.
Peak light intensity Background luminance Peak light intensity
>500cd/㎡ 20000cd±25%
<50cd/㎡ 2000cd±25%
Light source xenon tube
Lifespan of light source 100,000,000 times
Emitting color white
Ingress protection IP65
Operating temperature -40℃-60℃
Wind load 80m/s
Net weight 3.3kg
Overall size(mm) ∮180*280
Installation size(mm) 108*108*M10