Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light SPL-202Z-A
Low-intensity Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light Style#SPL-301D/BY
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Low-intensity Solar Powered Aviation Obstruction Light Style# SPL-202D/BY

SPL-202D/BY low-intensity solar powered aviation obstruction light use solar power, it can be provided with power supply without power transmission cables, so it is suitable for those locations especially which are hard to lay the cable or lack of power supply as well as those facilities which have high requirements on lightning protection. This light is suitable to be installed on obstructions whose height is less than 45 meters. As this light is solar-powered, it could be used only the environment which has enough sunlight. It’s unsuited to install the place where there’s object shade the sunlight.

Product Description


  1. SPL-202D/BY adopts dedicated deep-cycle batteries and international advanced, low-brightness, high-efficiency solar panels. The solar panel is sealed up by pre-straining glass. And the angle of the solar panel is optional by adjusting the two screws side by it without any additional tool. The adjustive area of the beam angle is ±20°.
  2. Battery charge and discharge use advanced power management system in voltage short, floating Charge, temperature of a comprehensive protection and greatly improves battery service life.
  3. The control circuit of the light uses low power consumption professional flash-light controller to reduce the power consumption of the control circuit itself and improve greatly its reliability
  4. Light source adopts international-advanced LED which has low power consumption, long battery life span (100,000hr.) and high efficiency.
  5. The body of the light adopts high quality PC (ABS+PC).
  6. 6. Lamp shade adopts PC which is impact resistance (IZOD impact indentation rate:90), hot resistance (can bare high temperature up to 130℃), high light transmission max 90%, anti-UV and aging resistance. The light can work continuously for more than 7 days during overcast and rainy days.


  1. SPL-202D/BY/S : It is single flashing solar-powered low intensity aviation obstruction light with photocell, no need additional controller, it can work automatically when open the magnetic switch on the bottom of the light. Each light works individually.
  2. SPL-202D/BY: It is single constant mode solar-powered low intensity aviation obstruction light. This type should be customized.

Main Parameter

Name Parameter
Type SPL-202D/BY
Input Power DC6V (Solar panel + Battery)
Consumption ≤3W
Flash Frequency 20~25 times/minute
Light Intensity ≥32.5cd (Flashing mode)
≤10cd (Constant mode)
Light Source Lifespan 100,000hr.
Emitting Color Red

All sorts of color can be customized

Ingress Protection IP65
Photocell Ambient Brightness 50cd/㎡
Ambient Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Wind load 80m/s
Weight 2.8kg
Overall Dimension (mm) 167*167*195
Installing Dimension(mm) 106*106*M6