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Indoor Controller for Aviation Obstruction Light Style#SPL-302KL

SPL-302KL is an indoor controller with ingress protection IP43 which could be used indoor only. It suits all the aviation obstruction lights produced by us for synchronal flash and monitor the working status of the lights.
Product Description


Key features:

  1. House is made of steel painted by spraying plastics finish which is corrosion resistance and anti-UV.

2.The controlling function is carried out by keeping same voltage of the signal line with the power line which is easy to connect the wires, more reliable, light and controllers cannot be damaged when incorrect connection of the wires in a short time.

  1. The controlling circuit is MCU. It can control lights total with power consumption up to 2000W for synchronal flash.
  2. It has auto, manpower and off working mode.

Auto mode: The controller is off automatically in day time so that the signal to the lights is closed; in night, it is on automatically so that the signal to the lights is permitted.

Manual mode: The on and off working status should be controlled by manpower.

Off mode: It is a forcible off status.

  1. This controller could be designed with monitor function to monitor the working status of the lights and alarm failed lights by showing related indicator light on its screen as requirement. Also, it could be designed with no power dry point monitor mode for remote monitor.
  2. This controller is reliable, safe, easy to use and maintain, convenient. It has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 7.5KA/5 times, Imax 15KA so that the light is suitable to harsh environment. And suit harsh environment.


Model introduction:

SPL-302/KL: synchronal flash controller, only suits to control aviation obstruction lights for synchronal flash, without monitor function , should work together with our photocell SPL-302GK


Main Tech Parameter:

Item Technic Parameter
Model SPL-302/KL
Operating voltage 220VAC/48VDC
Power consumption ≤20W
Power consumption load ≤2000W
Flashing frequency 20-60 times/min
Ingress protection IP43
Photocell sensibility 50-500Lux
Photocell ZHT-302GK
Operating temperature -40-60℃
Altitude ≤4500m
Wind load 80m/s
Net weight 7.5kg
Overall size(mm) 400*300*150
Installation size(mm) 350*240*M6