Heliport Indoor Light Controller Style#SPL-9801/KL
Double Low-intensity Type A Style# SPL-50
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Heliport Outdoor Light Controller Style#SPL-9801/KW

SPL-9801/KW is a heliport outdoor light controller, suits all kinds of

heliport lights’ on-off controller. It controls and shows all the heliport navigation

lights’ work status. This product is outdoor type, ingress protection is IP54, can be

used in the outdoor directly.

Product Description


Key Feature

◎ House is made of steel painted by spraying plastics finish which is corrosion

Resistance and anti-UV.

◎  It has 6 circuits of output, and it can be changed according to requirement.

There are Auto, Manual and Remote three modes for user’s choice.

◎ This controller is powerful, reliable, safe, easy to use and maintain, convenient.

◎ It has surge protection whose lightning proof ability is In 15KA/5 times, Imax

40KA so that the light is suitable to harsh environment.


Main technical parameters

Item parameter
model SPL-9801/KW
Operating voltage AC220V
Power consumption ≤30W
Load capacity ≤4000W
Number of control lightings circuit lines 6ways
Ingress Protection IP54
Environment humidity 0~95%
Operating temperature -40℃~60℃
Altitude ≤4500m
Net Weight 50kg
Overall Dimension(mm) 900mm×750mm×250mm