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Heliport Beacon Light-Style#SPL-008

Characteristics of Lamp

  1. Low power consumption, professional flash switch.
  2. Corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet.

Product Specification

1 .Technical Parameters

1.1 Dimensions (mm)

1.2 Technical Parameters 

The following parameters are obtained under normal temperature test. (25℃)

Item of Test Parameters
Model SPL-008
Structure Parameter Nominal Dimension Φ190×132mm
Installation Dimension SEE BELOW
Material of Lamp Panel Aluminum Die Casting
Material of Cover AL
Electrical Parameter Rated Power ≤50W
Input Voltage AC100V-250V


Light source LED
Light color White
Effective light intensity(cd) ≥2500cd
Operating mode Operating mode 2-4 flashes/min
Function This is a general product for various heliports or aprons, install it in a heliport or a nearby elevated position, it radiates full directional white flashing light signal in the night or low visibility daytime as a guidance in a far distance, it is vital for a pilot under the circumstance of difficulties in identifying.
Other Parameter Operating tem. -40~+55℃
Wind load 80m/s
Protection IP65
Weight 3.2Kg


2.Characteristics of Lamp

  1. Low power consumption, professional flash switch.
  2. Corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet.
  3.   With  lightning protection function.
  4. This product is self-developed, with self-patent for optics and new product experiment;
  5. The housing adopts integrated die-casting aluminium, with super performance of heat sinking and sealing;
  6. The optical module of this product adopts reflex housing, high efficiency of light gathering, no extra scattered light pollution;
  7. This product adopts high power Led light source, can operate continuously over 50000H, energy saving, environment protection, long life;



3.1 Schematic Diagram

3.2 Instruction

a) Please read carefully the product specification before using the driver to make sure the operation environment can meet the requirement as per the specification.

b) While connecting the tube to the power, please make sure the switch is “off”.

c) Do not disassemble the lamp by yourself.



4.1 keep every screw in tight

4.2 keep the light OFF when not using


5. Standard

5.1 Heliport Beacon Light, annex 14, volume 2, 3rd edition, “Aerodromes: Heliports”, July 2009, table 6.3.