Heliport Outdoor Light Controller Style#SPL-9801/KW
Low Intensity Type B Aviation Obstruction Light SPL-202D/B
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Double Low-intensity Type A Style# SPL-50

SPL-50 double low-intensity aviation obstruction light emitting constant red light. This product is suitable to be installed on obstructions whose height is less than 45 meters. It can work together with other higher light intensity products when the building height is more than 45m. Its structure is small and exquisite,especially suitable to installed in iron towers.

Product Description


  1. Lamp shade adopts PC which is impact resistance (IZOD impact indentation rate:90), hot resistance (can bare high temperature up to 130℃), high light transmission max 90%, anti-UV and aging resistance.
  2. The joint of tow lights adopt Die casting aluminum alloy to put them together..
  3. 3. House of the light adopts aluminum alloy painted by spraying plastics finish which is light, good ability of releasing heat, waterproof, corrosion resistance etc..
  4. 4. Light source adopts international-advanced LED which has low power consumption, long battery life span (100,000hr.) and high efficiency.

5.Power circuit collocated wave proof equipment(resistant to lighting stroke Ln5KA/5times Imax 10KA), it can be used in harsh environment.

6.Installation: ①It’s suit to install on flat surface with bottom case. ②It’s suit to install on telecom towers and flagstaff without bottom case.



  1. SPL-50/S : It is low intensity obstruction light with light operated switch, it works individually without any controller.When one working lamp cap broken, the other one replace it to work.
  2. SPL-50/S/CH:This type has bottom case with which is suited to install on flat surface.

3.SPL-50/S/FL:This type product has no chassis, it’s suited to install on telecom towers and flagstaff.


Main Parameter

Name Parameter
Type SPL-50
FAA Standard L-810
Input Power AC220V/DC48V
Consumption ≤7W
Flash Frequency Constant
Light Intensity 32.5cd(optional 50cd,80cd,100cd)
Light Source Lifespan 100,000hr.
Emitting Color Red
Ingress Protection IP65
Photocell Ambient Brightness 50cd/㎡
Ambient Temperature -40℃~+60℃
Wind load 80m/s
Weight 3.5kg
Overall Dimension (mm) 340mm*413mm*140mm
Installing Dimension(mm) 3/4inches or 1 inches