Perimeter light

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  • Perimeter light-Style#SPL-004

    Perimeter lights (also called insert edge light) are one of the most important safety features on your helipad. They are used to mark and illuminate the FATO and TLOF and they help the pilot locate the pad to safety land during night operations and bad weather conditions.



    Product Description

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  • Heliport Surface Mounted Perimeter Lighting -Style#SPL-019

    Characteristics of Lamp

    1. Corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet.
    2. International advanced cold light source, low power consumption, high brightness, the service life is up to 100000 hours.
    3. The use of PC material, designed for impact resistance.
    4. With lightning  protection function.
    5. This product is self-developed, with new product experiment;
    6. The housing adopts integrated die-casting aluminium, with super performance of heat sinking and sealing;
    7. The optical module of this product adopts reflex housing, high efficiency of light gathering, no extra scattered light pollution;


    Product Description

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