Beacon Light

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  • Helipad Beacon Light Style#SPL-9801/A

    SPL-9801/A heliport light beacon is a white flashing light, as a distance visual guidance.

    It’s so important especially when the ambient light make it difficult to see there is a heliport.

    According to ICAO, every heliport should have at least one light beacon. It should be installed

    above or near the heliport, it will be better if it is installed in an elevated place. Please make

    sure it will not let the pilot feel glaring in short distance.

    Product Description

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  • Heliport Beacon Light-Style#SPL-008

    Characteristics of Lamp

    1. Low power consumption, professional flash switch.
    2. Corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet.

    Product Specification

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