Medium Intensity Aviation Lighting Type A and B

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  • Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light SPL-202Z-A

    SPL-202Z/A  Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstrunction Light is a white flashing obstruction light. For high rise buildings or structures with height between 105 to 150 meters or the area where the background luminance is comparative strong, this Gold Medium Intensity Type A Aviation Obstruction Light could be used solely or together with medium intensity type B aviation obstruction light to play an aviation warning role there. Also, it could be used together with high intensity aviation obstruction light on buildings or structures whose height is higher than 150 meters.

    Product Description

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  • Medium Intensity Light Type B-Style#SPL-013

    Characteristics of Lamp

    1. Low power consumption, professional flash switch.
    2. Corrosion resistance, anti-ultraviolet.
    3. International advanced cold light source, low power consumption, high brightness, the service life is up to 100000 hours.

    Product Specification

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