Power plant smokestack

SPL aviation flashing obstruction light can be easily installed at different heights of power plant chimney to be as warning reminder with stable quality.


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SPL-013 medium intensity obstruction light type B is a red flash light, it is widely used in tall buildings, iron towers, large bridges, where aviation alert is required, to indicate the obstruction’s existence and reduce the hazard to the aircraft. It can be used solo if structure’s height is between 45M & 150M, also can be used with other low, medium intensity obstruction lights.

This flood light is vertically installed, transmits unidirectional white light, available for floodlight of various surface heliports, elevated heliports or large platform heliports, enable pilots to land safely.

The runway edge light can show the location of airport running way’s edge, it can send out omnidirectional blue/yellow/white light signal at low visibility daytime and night, which can show runway’s direction and location.

The beacon light installed in a heliport or a nearby elevated position, it radiates full directional white flashing light signal in the night or low visibility daytime as a guidance in a far distance, it is vital for a pilot under the circumstance of difficulties in identifying.

The wind cone is used to provide visual surface wind direction and velocity information to pilots in helicopters over the final approach and take-off areas.